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Julie Rigdon

Get Hydrated!

Did you know the human body is composed of between 55 and 78 percent water?  Adequate and regular water consumption has numerous health benefits.  Water also has no calories, fat, carbohydrates or sugar.  To maintain a healthy body, experts recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.  Here are some excellent benefits of drinking your recommended daily water intake.

Help with weight loss
Sometimes we think we are hungry, when actually we are thirsty.  Our body just starts turning on all the alarms when we ignore it.  For those trying to drop some pounds, staying hydrated can serve as an appetite suppressant and help with weight loss.  Extra H2O helps us eat less by making us feel full, and it can also boost metabolism.

Maintains regularity
Drinking more water aids in digestion as water is essential to digesting food and preventing constipation.

Improves mood
Drinking water makes us feel so refreshed, it actually improves our state of mind.  Even mild dehydration has been shown to negatively impact moods.

Prevents headaches
Sometimes headaches can be caused by dehydration.  Upping your water intake can prevent or ease head pain.  Next time your head hurts, try drinking water.
July 30, 2015